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Globally two things are impacting our lives right now. General economy is getting bad and Knowledge economy is growing. This means that irrespective of what you do for livelihood you can smartly invest an hour or two a day and start a business that can generate more than your day-job income.

For a starter, what if I showed you a simple business model (click) that can replace your day-job income, by working on the sides? Imagine what can a few thousands of additional dollars a month would it do to your lifestyle.

Hi! My name is Shiv Shenoy. I have been earning passive income online since 2012.

On this blog I share the secrets of my online success - profitable business models, cool tools, definitive case studies, productivity tips, cost-saving techniques - result-oriented education. And then some more.

I constantly experiment with business models & marketing techniques to create consistent passive income online. Here I share with you what works and what does not. Now you can learn everything I know to build highly profitable passive income streams yourself.

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  • I learn from the best, paying top dollars. You can now get the same knowledge.

    I learn from T Harv Eker, Gerry Roberts, Alex Mandossian, Alex Jaffreys and others, paying them top dollars for coaching.

    I employ that learning and produce results. Then teach you the same techniques step-by-step. Be the first one to know when my books and courses are released.

  • Create Multiple Passive Income Streams!

    I am on constant look out to discover new Passive Income streams – apart from the ones that I currently use.
    I will be sharing the outcome of my experiments – what works out there. I make all the mistakes and you benefit from it and build your passive income streams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Create You Own Info Products!

    The biggest money online is in selling your own info products. The costs are low and you can automate the entire system.
    Learn the entire process of creating info products – create once and keep earning even when you are sleeping. This is a game-changer!

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Some of my Businesses that are Already Leveraging this Knowledge

Company Serving Internet Marketing Services to Small & Medium Businesses

Revenue increase of 300% over past year. Added clients from Entertainment, Software, Chemical & Hospitality domains.

Company Serving Internet Marketing Services to Small & Medium Businesses
The Smart Online Business
EcoSystem Helping In Project Management Exam Preparation

Readers from over 196 countries, 5287+ email opt-ins from laser-sharp target group. Revenue increase of 600% over the last year - yet not a cent charged to the reader! (yes, you can learn this business model too ๐Ÿ™‚ )

EcoSystem Helping In Project Management Exam Preparation