Launching, Essential Skills Academy

essential skills academy

If you have been following this blog, you know that I love to teach what I am successful at. And that is how PMESN blog in the space of project management started. During the course of making this #1 blog for project management professional (PMP exam) over a period of 4 years, I got to…

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Passive Income From Kindle Publishing: Detailed Guest Post

kindle book business

Earning passive income by publishing Kindle books is one of the simplest and best ways of earning passive income, which is also misunderstood and thought to be difficult. The truth is that anyone can self-publish their books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and with a budget of as less as $5! After publishing 21…

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Black Friday Deal: Hosting + Domain + Blog Setup + Training = Price of 1 Starbucks Coffee

black friday cyber monday sale 2016 free domain free blog

Hurry, Cyber Monday offer expires soon! This offer has ended. But if you are seriously looking to build your own professional blog, please write to me from here. I consider requests on case by case basis and based on my time availability. Bloggers earn a lot. Some, a L-O-T.. Kindle self-publishing authors earn a boat…

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‘Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire’ Book Release Today

secrets of kindle publishing empire

Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire – Book #3 of the Kindle series ‘Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery’. Update: Get Your Copy for Free Today! Click on this link and download for free. If you liked the book, please consider writing a line of honest feedback on Amazon. Thank you! It has been a roller coaster ride, writing…

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Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery Book Series: Update and Lessons Learned

kindle self publishing mastery

Exactly 49 days ago from today we announced Beta-reader program for Kindle wannabe authors or new authors. The goal of this 3-book series – Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery – is to start from scratch and set up a lucrative passive income generating business on the sides. In the first three weeks we released first two books of…

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Kindle Self-Publishing Success Secrets Revealed!

kindle self-publishing secrets

A month ago I read a book called ‘The Successful Author Mindset‘ by Joanna Penn. She is one of the most respected Kindle authors around and I have been fortunate enough to interact with her and learn from her. Joanna’s book talked about issues authors face and how to overcome them. The book was an…

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Kindle Publishing Book Series: Beta Reader Program Invitation

kindle publishing beta reader program

On Feb 11th I published my very first Kindle book, after spending months studying Kindle publishing process, best practices and promotional methods. In 48 hrs the book hit #1 Best Seller spot in Paid books section of one of the three categories it was listed in. And in 9 days, it hit the #1 Best…

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Complete Blog Home Page Optimization Guide: Engineer Your Blog for Maximum Conversion!

home page optimization guide new

Ever landed on a blog home page and immediately clicked browser back button? Do you hope that others don’t do the same when landing on your blog? 40% readers exit the site in about 3 seconds if they are not able to find what they are looking for. Most likely your home page is the…

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Don’t Enjoy Your Job? Here’s What You Need To Know To Make Money Online

make money online passive income

Sample these statistics about job – According to Gallup’s 142-country study 87% of employees worldwide either do not enjoy job or are actively disengage at work More than two fifths of employers have seen increase in workers reporting conditions such as depression or anxiety, according to CIPD research. 2 million people quit jobs every month…

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Complete Guide to Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Customers With Ease!

facebook shop feature head

This is a step-by-step guide to selling your products directly on your Facebook page. A great way to convert your fan base into customer base! If you have a Facebook fan page, you probably have sizeable number of people following your business. If you have under 1000 members so far, don’t worry – things are…

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