shiv-tsolbYou probably landed on this page from one of my courses, or books. Either way I am glad that you are here.

You are probably at the cusp of stepping on to a path that can lead you to only one destination – your financial freedom.

Congratulations on taking this important step that can change your and your loved ones’ lives.

Just like it happened to me and my family.

I am here to help you get there – through my blog, coaching, training courses and books.

Right now, with this free blog setup.

These are the three components of investment you’d make into your Profit Blog. As you probably heard/read me say, this is the least amount that you could invest and get started with the job-replacing-income-producing online business – an opportunity that has no parallel in the online or offline business world.

This is a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Acquire your online assets

Click on the links below to acquire your online assets.

Hosting & Domain name

When you sign up with BlueHost you will get your domain name for free!

Blog Theme

Optimizepress2 is a theme with inbuilt squeeze page, sales page, membership page – all the marketing material you will need for your business in one place. You can use this theme up to 3 of your websites/blogs!

Email Service

You can now sign up with AWeber for just $1 for first month.

Step 2: Forward me your login details

I need your login details set this up completely as described in the course/book so you have a professionally built profitable blog ready for you to rock with and produce life-changing income.

So send me the login details of these to Shiv-at-MyPassiveIncomeEducation-dot-com (replace ‘at’ and ‘dot’ with corresponding symbols).

I will complete the setup deliver your just-out-of-the-oven hot and fresh blog to you within 24-48 hours!

Step 3: Start building your own Profit Blog!

That’s it. Start writing content as I’ve taught you.

I will be waiting to hear and celebrate your success, my friend.

To your success,


PS: If you have any trouble with the purchase simply write to me at the email given above and I’ll help you out with it.

PPS: As I mentioned in the course/book, these are affiliate links, which means investing in these will not cost you any additional money and when you do so I get paid a small commission. Because of this I will be able to set up your blog, theme, its functionality, AWeber auto-responder series and the whole enchilada for FREE to you. This saves you at least a couple of hundred dollars of setup cost. I thank you for being a patron of myPIE!