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Now the ‘Profit Blogging Method’ System is reopened for a limited time.

“I don’t like my job, but I’ll have to keep going because I don’t have an alternative”, said my friend Jack (name changed on request) sighing heavily.

We were meeting after 8 long years.

Life had changed for both of us, he was continuing in the same day job where he had put in about 16 years now. I, on the other hand, had moved on to find my own path of service and thus earning a livelihood with greater satisfaction and sense of purpose, minus all the burden and stress of a day-job.

“It’s like after few years into the marriage you’ll have to just put up with what you have, instead of thinking of other things”. That seemed quite a strong comparison statement coming from a friend I’d known for years. It only acted as an indication of the depth of frustration Jack was feeling about his job.

It only acted as an indication of the depth of frustration Jack was feeling about his job.

Jack was not the only one I’ve met in recent times that is feeling this way about their job. He is in his mid-30s, with a growing family of two beautiful daughters. With a sense of increased responsibility, he always feared what a future at the day-job had in store for him.

With younger workforce available at a substantially lesser cost, more automation being brought in at work, shrinking yearly increment, increased financial load of multiple mortgages, coupled with office politics and uncertain business climate – each day was a struggle my friend was facing with increasing sense of panic.

He said he needed two things – a way to increase his financial inflow and increase a sense of self-worth.

That was the last nail in the coffin that I needed.

I had felt enough anguish from my friends and former colleagues that wanted a second chance at financial freedom.

I had built a strong 5-figure passive income business through blogging alone in the past few years. And it was time I shared the formula.

Over the next few weeks, I worked with Jack closely teaching all that I knew to get him started off the ground.

Jack’s busy work-life, coupled with hours of daily commute didn’t leave him much time to spend on his online business. However, all I needed was for him to spend an hour per day on average. And I was okay him spending 6-7 hours over the weekend, instead of an hour every day.

Together, we figured his area of interest and got started with a professionally built blog.

Jack learned how to find the problem of his ‘target audience’ – people that were looking for some sort of a solution to their problems in his interest area. He was going to serve them by putting together the information and solution they need – on his blog.

That’s it – and he was going to monetize the blog from there on.

Jack learned the secrets of where to eavesdrop and find the real problems that his target audience was facing, how to find free but invaluable content that exactly solves their problems, and how to put it together in a way that his target group devoured it.

Jack made use of his limited time diligently and integrated just a couple of the several possible monetization techniques into his blog, and soon started earning a consistent income.

Today, Jack feels more comfortable with his life. The passive-income-generating blog he’s building on the sides is earning him nice money is giving him a lot of peace of mind.

Jack knows that he is on his way to a place from where he can decide whether he wants to stick to his stifling day-job or simply scale up his blog and convert it into a 6-figure earning machine.

And it is time for me to share the very same secrets to as many people as I can help set up a passive income generating stream. The only expectation is that they should be willing to welcome a better – much better – financial future for themselves and their loved ones.

If this seems like you, here is the blueprint –

Step 1: Create your blog
Step 2: Go through my ‘Profit Blogging Method’ system
Step 3: Use the planning sheet and workbooks to make progress and earn passive income

“Great! But what about the cost, Shiv?”

Yes, any business needs investment and this is no different.

If you could earn a SOLID 5 figure income per year, how much would you be willing to spend on one-time investment?

Think about that for a moment.

Let us look at the cost break up –

  • Domain cost: $11.00
  • Blog hosting fee: $8.00 / month (about $96.00 per year)
  • Building the professional & business-optimized blog: $197
  • My step-by-step ‘Profit Blogging Method’ System: $97
  • Private Mastermind group for support, for 1 year: $497

In total, the investment to start your profitable passive income empire would be around: $898.

But there is a good news (great news, in fact).

Before we get to that part, let us do this 2-minute exercise first. This is so crucial that if you can get this one step right, no one can stop you from earning a good 5 figure passive income. So you have every reason in the world to take 2 short minutes and do this exercise right now.


Take a piece of paper (or fire up a program like MS Word on your computer) and –

Step 1: Write down a number you want to earn as passive income.

This should be the additional income you want apart from whatever you earn from your day-job. This could be $1000 or $10,000 or more – whatever it is for you. Just write the figure down.

Don’t be stingy.

Write a number that you really want to earn on the sides.


For the sake of this exercise let us take a conservative figure of $12,000 – remember, this is the additional income apart from the day-job that you want to earn this year (which means it may double next year with the natural growth of a business).

Step 2: Write down your top 3 strengths and 3 hobbies/problems you want to get rid of/interests/passion you have – whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think too much.

Something like this –

Top Strengths:

  • Project Management
  • Travel Photography
  • Business communication
  • Stock investing

Top Interests/problems/hobbies/passion (this is what you are already good at, or WANT to get good at) –

  • Losing Beer Belly/Get Leaner
  • Mountain Biking
  • Be an expert at Tennis (or any sport)
  • PSD designing (or some technical expertise)

I know I asked for top-3 and wrote down 4 in the example above. If you have more than 3, do write them down.

Step 3: Pick top 2 topics from this list

What’s the criteria?

You should be able to keep your interest in the topic for a longer time (6+ months).


Now you have 2 (at least) topics around which you can create your passive-income-generating online business!

Don’t bother if you think your topic may not be important for enough people and that you won’t be able to earn money. Even if there are blogs out there in the same ‘niche’ (your area of interest) you choose, you can and will make money.


That is what the Profit Blogging Method System is going to teach you.

Now back to the good news part.

You remember the cost associated with the whole passive income-generating online business?

In total, the investment to start your profitable passive income empire would be around $898.

Also, you remember what was the Step-1 we saw above?

Step 1: Create your blog
Step 2: Go through my The Profit Blogging Method guide
Step 3: Use the planning sheet and workbooks to make progress

What if you could just spend on Step 1 and get everything else given to you on a platter, at my cost?

That is, we are talking about purchasing your domain and hosting alone – that is spending about $107 – and I take care of everything else for you?

For a second let us see what is involved in setting up your blog professionally –

  • Installing WordPress
  • Setting up your blog theme
  • Strengthening your blog to protect it against hackers
  • Adding in the functionality required for a business-optimized blog (faster page load, social sharing options and many more)
  • Creating your own domain based email and configuring it so that you can use Gmail itself to manage it!
  • ..and few more that I don’t want to bore you with

This service alone costs upwards of $197 if you want to get it done by a professional (someone that knows intimately Blogging, Digital Marketing, AND has the Technical knowledge required to build the business-optimized professional blog).

I will not only set up your blog professionally, but also give you the step-by-step ‘Profit Blogging Method’ System required to know everything about the blogging business AND access to private mastermind where you can get help and support with your passive income business from me and other like-minded entrepreneurs ($497 for 1-year access).

What is ‘Profit Blogging Method’ System?

Yes, let us take a step back and look at this.

This system is exactly what I use to earn a good 5 figure income from just one of my blogs ( – this blog excluded.

This is an evolved system that is continuously fine-tuned based on the coaching I’ve had from industry leaders such as Alex Jeffreys, Matt Llyod, Alex Mandossian, Harv Eker, Neil Patel, and Gerry Robert.

For the first time, I would be sharing this system outside of my coaching clients.

profit blogging method

And it gets a whole lot better!

I have been with my hosting provider for several years now, and here’s a special deal for you.

  1. You get your domain for Free!
  2. Your hosting cost is reduced to more than 50%!

Essentially, you will get the entire blog infrastructure, step-by-step instructions, and 1-year support for a price less than one cup of coffee per month!

However, I must tell you this. This is a limited time offer and can be brought down anytime without notice. Simply because I have got only limited number of hours in a day for this project :).

Before you ask..

“Shiv, how it is possible for you to give away this kind of an offer without charging us a dime?”

Fair question. Here’s how, or why this is possible.

My 3-year goal (I mentioned this in another article last month) is to help at least 10,000 people around the globe get onto a solid path of financial freedom. In terms of numbers, if I can teach someone to earn at least $5,000+ every month in a passive way – that is, not trading their time for money, they’ll have a solid head start on the path of financial freedom.

Right now I am doing this in a one-on-one fashion – which, as you can see, is not a scalable approach.

Therefore, in order to meet this goal, I need as many success stories that I can help build – in an organic way as well as through some smart marketing. What better way for me than to help you (and a small group of people that I can work with) succeed?

But I cannot do this completely at my cost. There has to be a smarter way. Right?

When you purchase the hosting from my trusted hosting provider (which is also one of the best in the world), I get a small commission from them – which is enough a compensation for my efforts to teach you all this, at this stage.

Know that the commission I get paid does not increase the hosting cost for you – in fact, you are getting over 50% discount if you invested today!

Soon, I will be going commercial with this very same System that you are getting for free now. And then I will get enough compensation for my efforts.

You now know how I can manage to offer this on a silver platter to you right now. 🙂

Plus, by being part of my Inner Circle now you will get access to many goodies to grow your business and increase your revenue – many of which will not be available to others.

Here’s how you grab this monstrous deal

Step 1: Click this special link to get the hosting deal.

On that page, click on ‘get started now’ green button.

free blog setup get started

Step 2: As you go through the wizard, enter your full name as the domain name

free blog setup get started

For instance, or (capitalization does not matter – and are one and the same).

Just make sure you choose .com and no other extension as much as possible. You’ll find the reasoning in the book I’ll share with you, for now just take my word.

Step 3: Forward me the email you receive from Bluehost, so I can set up your blog

This will take me about 24hrs to 48hrs (based on the number of requests I get) to set up your blog professionally.

That’s it. You are on your way to make 2017 the beginning of a fulfilling and financially strong journey.

Next, I will send you access to the ‘Profit Blogging Method’ System to get you started with your passive income generating blog. Along with it, I will send you a link to add yourself to our Passive Income mastermind facebook group – to get one-year long support and a chance to build your network with fellow online entrepreneurs.

In other words, you buy hosting for a small fee today and get my passive income generating ‘Profit Blogging Method’ system for free, apart from the $197 value service of setting up your professional blog, for free as well!. 🙂

Feel free to reach me for any help you may need, or if you have any questions. My email address is Shiv-at-MyPassiveIncomeEducation-dot-com

PS: If you have been part of my Kindle Self-Publishing program by investing in your hosting account, you are already included in this program and you will get this entire system for free!

Let us make 2017 V.E.R.Y. profitable for you.