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Google Analytics is one of the best tools for gathering business intelligence. I have been using it in all the three of my businesses to understand more about customer behavior, campaign effectiveness and to improve my overall content marketing strategy.

Moreover, this is free so your ROI is basically sky-high.

In this post you I am going to reveal 3 things –

  1. How I have been using Google Analytics in my businesses. This is not a complete list though, I shall share more in future posts.
  2. One of the best pocket guides (infographic) you can have to get guidance on using Google Analytics for your marketing
  3. At the end of this article I will tell you where and how you can learn all about Google Analytics, for Free!

How I use Google Analytics in my businesses

While there are a gazillion uses that one can have of Google Analytics, here are some that I use Google Analytics for –

1. Identify which channels are getting the site traffic and performance against benchmark > decide whether or not to spend more money/effort to publish content on these channels

Google Analytics channel data

You can select any date range and check which channels have got most traffic to your site. If you have been implementing SEO on your site you will see ‘Organic Search’ taking up position #1 in the above table. You would help people with your answers on blogs and forums and put a link back to relevant article on your website and get a backlink. When people click on the link directly and land on your page you will get direct traffic back to your site. And so on.. you get the idea.

It is always healthy to put in various traffic strategies, and not overly dependent on any one of them.

2. Track traffic from specific advertising channels based on Google tracking URLs created for them specifically > main tracking tool to measure conversions

Google Analytics campaigns data

Assuming you use different strategies to drive traffic to your site, this report tells you which ones are more effective. Please note that you will need to create appropriate URL using Google URL Builder in order to be able to track this (expect a post on this soon).

You can create your tracking URL using Google URL Builder or simply use this Chrome browser extension for doing it quite effortlessly.

3. Which sites are sending me traffic (I use both free and paid traffic methods to drive users to sites) > look at costing data to decide where to spend more, or publish more content

Google Analytics referrers

Whether you are using Free methods or Paid methods to drive traffic, this is definitely one of the Google Analytics reports you will need to watch.

4. Pages on my site on which more users have landed > identify keywords there and create more such content to attract more traffic

Google Analytics landing pages

Knowing your best landing pages will help you identify why readers are coming to your site.

Once you find them, do all that you can to increase traffic through these urls. One of the ways is to post them in the  popular articles section on your site’s sidebar.

5. Identify which keywords (queries) are bringing in most traffic >  create more content for the top keywords to attract more traffic

Google Analytics keywords

TIP: This report not only shows the top keywords for you but also position of your page(s) in Google search results, For instance, two keywords above have an average position of 1 in search results. In this case, when you search for the keyword in Google you will see two pages are taking position number 1 and 2. See the image below –

Google Analytics keywords google ranking

6. Identify geographical locations that my readers are coming from > use it for my advertising targeting

Google Analytics keywords google geographic data

This is one of the targeting data you can use if you are advertising in Facebook, Bing or using other advertising methods such as PPV.

…and some more (in another blog post).


Google Analytics Pocket Guide

Here’s a very useful Google Analytics guide by Neil Patel of

This is a goldmine of information for anyone already using Google Analytics and looking to get more out of it to increase their marketing effectiveness.

How to Improve Your Marketing With Google Analytics Data
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Free education on using Google Analytics

As promised, here are two best courses (again, this does not cost you a bit, except for your time) to learn about Google Analytics –
Digital Analytics Fundamentals
Google Analytics Platform Principles

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