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Exactly 49 days ago from today we announced Beta-reader program for Kindle wannabe authors or new authors. The goal of this 3-book series – Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery – is to start from scratch and set up a lucrative passive income generating business on the sides.

In the first three weeks we released first two books of the series (click on the image to see them on Amazon Kindle platform) –

kindle self-publishing mastery book author-by-chanceself publish kindle book in weekendHere’s a quick update on the final book of Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery series.

A confession first, actually.

Soon after the second book’s release I was hit by a bout of.. procrastination.

It started with the 10-day vacation I took, which broke my daily routine. During that time I focused only on pressing tasks at my businesses and not on planned and scheduled tasks.

I lost almost 3 weeks of valuable time. Sure I helped some of the first time authors with their author-site, book covers and so on – but my progress on the third book was almost zilch.

Soon I realized this and got back to on track, prioritizing tasks in my businesses and writing the book – which started painstakingly slowly. Clearly I had lost momentum. It took some additional effort to finish the mind map and to start on the first draft of the book.

Right now here are the things I’ve completed –

  • Finalized the book title and sub-title (thanks a ton for your suggestions)
  • Completed 80% of the first draft. I need to now complete the draft then work on the refining language, run through Flesch scale to simplify it for 15yr olds, get right images, complete the cover design, format the book and then send to you.
    It’s still a lot of work, but sharing this will help me be more committed.

Lessons learned?

1. Aim for small victories.

Cut down the work into smaller chunks and as you tick off each task reward yourself (like making yourself a cup of hot, steaming coffee). Build on these small tasks and soon you’ll have accomplished a big work.

2. Share what you do and timeline to complete publicly.

Or at least with your friends or accountability-buddy. This builds commitment and pushes to get things done. I did this with the first two books. I announced the internal release dates to the beta-reader group and this forced me to complete them on time.

What’s the timeline for third book? – I have announced that my beta-reader group will get the final version by Monday (24 Oct) morning 8am my time.

3. Constantly remind myself how crucial my project is for my target group/readers/you.

This I find pushes me to do that little extra when I think I’m done for the day. And makes a lot of difference to the quality of my work.

4. Replace Worry with Action.

I figured that my worry about ‘not making progress on the task’ is kicked out the moment I took some concrete action towards the goal. No matter how small the action is.

This is closely related to ‘small victories’ lesson, but the point is to NOT worry, or to replace the feeling worry with the feeling of hope and excitement of the end-result.

5. Momentum is everything.

This is very crucial. We are pretty excited when we start any new project, and typically put in a considerable effort right at the beginning. In most cases we lose momentum soon enough. The goal should be to keep the momentum and take the project to completion, as soon as possible. The result – good, bad, ugly – will be known only when the project is completed. Whatever the result is – it is okay! We either succeed or learn a lesson. But losing momentum and eventually even abandoning the project is simply waste of time, effort, opportunity and feeds negative mindset.

If you think any of this helps you achieve your goal(s) – get your first book out, get your author site up, Facebook page up, do a bit more research about your target group, or take that small yet crucial step towards your financial goal – awesome, go take action!

If you are looking to build a passive income while working at day-job or doing your thing, Kindle self-publishing business may be a perfect opportunity for you. This Kindle Publishing Mastery series books are planned and written in such a way that you can build your own online business with just an hour of effort a day.

The step-by-step blueprint given in these books are result-oriented and get you to build a 4-figure-a-month passive income with quite ease.

Go ahead and take a look at the first book of Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery series. This book is priced just under a dollar to make it affordable to anyone serious about their financial freedom.


To your success,

Shiv Shenoy
Shiv Shenoy

After spending 15 yrs in the corporate cubicle, Shiv Shenoy quit it to work with people by leveraging his skills and knowledge. He is passionate about teaching proven passive income generating methods, which draw their effectiveness from Behavioral Economics and Digital Marketing strategies. Shiv is a best-selling author and has self-published over 21 books in Digital Marketing and Project Management domains. When not hunting and perfecting a new passive income method, Shiv is often found playing Flute, or painting.