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A month ago I read a book called ‘The Successful Author Mindset‘ by Joanna Penn. She is one of the most respected Kindle authors around and I have been fortunate enough to interact with her and learn from her. Joanna’s book talked about issues authors face and how to overcome them.

The book was an eye-opener for me, to say the least. There were so many ‘issues’ that I faced as an author, and the knowledge that many other authors too had similar ‘issues’ was a relief. That also it was easy to follow her remedial steps and get over those mental blocks.

And this also got me to think of ways to help my readers asking to teach about Kindle publishing as a passive income stream. Since one-on-one coaching would not be a good time investment I decided to write a book series showing step-by-step the method that I used to build my 5 figure Kindle publishing business from the ground up.

Read all the way through this post to find the link to get the book for Free! 🙂

Soon enough I announced a Kindle Beta-Reader program.

What is a beta-reader program?

The idea was for me to share each of my Kindle book draft copies with a group of my target readers – people that are the real beneficiaries of these books.

I realized that only by working closely with the people that needed this knowledge will I know how I to make the book better for you. That is, easier to understand and simple enough to implement.

Their feedback would be the validation of my books’ value to my ideal reader.

But this has to be a win-win proposition as well to be fair to everyone. Therefore, in return for giving me feedback about these book(s), I would help them build their own Kindle publishing business.

The 2-month-long program, which is still underway, has been a smashing success! How would I know?

We already have our first self-published author in the group! And the second one on his way to publish his first book. Overall, at the time of writing this post, 6 first-time authors are working on their Kindle self-publishing business.

These people are not just writing and self-publishing Kindle books, but building a whole passive income generating business around them!.

And I have got some invaluable insights into the usability of these books, and have been able to refine the content to make it tremendously useful for you.

The series name is, ‘Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery’

These books help anyone build profitable Kindle business spending just a few hours a week.

3 days ago I published the first book of the series‘Author By Chance: How I Built a 5 Figure Kindle Publishing Business from the Ground Up.’


Within few hours of publishing, the sales started coming in. This was a proof enough for me that the content is useful for my readers.

“Shiv, are these books for me?”

These books are for you if:

  • You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to increase your earning exponentially
  • You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to create/expand your brand
  • You want both of the above
  • You are a blogger and want to increase your authority in the niche
  • You are looking to start a passive income generation business on the sides
  • You have a message you want to convey to people
  • You want to help people solve a problem, learn a skill, or reach a goal through your book, and earn income from such an effort
  • You are busy and want to have a published book under your name
  • You do not want to spend thousands of dollars to get the whole process done by someone else
  • You are a first-time author, and for whatever reasons you want to publish a book on Kindle platform.
  • You have some idea about your book, but do not feel you are ready with all the content yet!
  • Give your creative urge a vent while working at your day job
  • You have ideas that need to be churned into books and taken to the right audience

The second book

Today, the second book of the series is published – ‘Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Kindle Book This Weekend’.


Yes – even if you haven’t written more than an email all your life, you can become a Kindle published author in a weekend using my method.

Click here, or on the image below, for more details

self publish kindle book in weekend

Just as the name suggests, this book helps you to write your book in one single weekend, and even publish it on Kindle platform!

Imagine beginning your Saturday morning with just an idea about your book and celebrating Sunday evening as a brand new Published Author with your family and friends! How incredible would that be?

All this has been possible for me with what I learned from some of the best coaches in the industry, and more importantly – by taking action, studying results and refining next action.

Each of these books come with toolkits that you can download for free. The toolkits have tools that will reduce the time taken to set up your business, make your job easier, and help you earn passive income quicker.

In the book I invite readers to join my Kindle mastermind group where we authors help each other build our businesses quickly and grow together faster. I also extend special help for free – as a reward for taking action! You’ll find more in the book.

If you picked up these books today, by next week this exact time you could be sitting with your Kindle publishing business all set up and looking at a report like this – dollars coming in through your book sales.


The third book

The third book in the series is so exciting (and a kind of secret) that I am not going to divulge anything yet.

Please feel free to check out more about the first two books by clicking on the book cover images above.

And if you’d like to sign up for information and goodies related to future books just head over here and sign up.

As part of VIP group, you will receive free access to my books and training, online business growth tips, growth hacks, and tools.

Here’s your gift –

I am giving away the first book for FREE from 31 August (that is now!) to 2 September.

And if you liked the book please give an honest feedback on Amazon and help the book reach more people looking for help. Your review may contain which aspects of the book or the business model that you found beneficial, or it can be simply about how do you think the book will help you.

Here is how you can do this –

1. Click here and download your free copy of ABC.  This may open your country specific Amazon page so you can download the book immediately.
2. Click this link and scroll down till you see the button ‘Write a customer review’.
3. Click it and a few sentences of your honest feedback about the book.

If possible, please share this link in your network (or simply share this page) so people can download the book ABC for free.

To your self-publishing success,





PS: If you have any questions or need any help write to me, here. I read all my mails and reply usually within 24hrs.  🙂

Shiv Shenoy
Shiv Shenoy

After spending 15 yrs in the corporate cubicle, Shiv Shenoy quit it to work with people by leveraging his skills and knowledge. He is passionate about teaching proven passive income generating methods, which draw their effectiveness from Behavioral Economics and Digital Marketing strategies. Shiv is a best-selling author and has self-published over 21 books in Digital Marketing and Project Management domains. When not hunting and perfecting a new passive income method, Shiv is often found playing Flute, or painting.