Inspired by the /now movement by Derek Sivers

Last update: 2 Jan, 2017

Currently Writing..

I am in the final stages of my new book about PMP exam preparation. This potentially will go as the 13th book in the Kindle series written for Project Management Professional exam. This book would take the exam prep to a new completely new level – making success that much more certain.

Here’s the cover designed –

pmp exam mnemonics

Then there is the new book

After awesome success of Kindle Self-Publishing Book series, I have begun writing my next book – this time on blogging. I am using an improved method of speed-writing the book. This should help me release the book in a matter of weeks. I’m super excited about the cover design –

profit blogging method

I’m also working on creating a training course on this passive income model, that has enabled me earn a job-replacing passive income online. I’ll be sharing all my strategies, tips and techniques – this would be by far most direct and result-oriented passive income training course.

Let me know what you think of this cover design, or need help with creating your own blogging passive income stream, by writing to me at [email protected]


Being one of my own target audience gives a better view of the pains and aspirations of my target group. I had a tough time fulfilling the PMP certification-continuation needs and realized that there is no simple comprehensive guide. So I am preparing a 2500 words guide. This will either go as an ebook or a blog post to PMP aspirants on my project management blog soon.

Currently reading

theonething‘The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results’ by Gary Keller. I’m a slow reader. And with productivity books, I try to implement the suggested approach before moving ahead with reading. Because if I just read the whole book at one go, my fear is that I may feel ‘intellectually satisfied’ and not take action.

I highly recommend this book if you are frustrated with the lack of progress in any aspect of your life.

This book literally changed the way I worked – increased my productivity by at least 60%. It’s awesome how much can we get done by focussing our energies on the most important one. One thing at a time.

madetostickI’m reading Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. This is a recommendation by a friend.

Research findings, especially as it applies to human behavior, are very interesting. So can’t wait to read this.

Digital Marketing

Currently, I’m helping a friend with product placement and conversion of his products. DM is a very interesting subject for me – the sheer act of ready-shoot-aim and getting better along the way leads to a lot of creative satisfaction.

And finally,

As I was writing this I recalled that I had changed my WhatsApp profile message to ‘The Power of NOW’ about 6 months ago. I’m not sure where it was coincidence, but the changes in my work-life in past 2-3 months have been towards exactly that – to be able to focus on the most important and critical task at hand, and focussing only on that to get it done, by being in the present moment.

‘The Power of NOW’ to you,