When I started with online business years ago through the struggling days I wished there was someone to get me started the right way. Now that I am in a position to help, I am offering an Online Business Strategy session.

This is completely free for you, there is no obligation whatsoever.

If you are seriously interested in starting your own online business on the sides and earn a decent monthly passive income, please fill in the form below and then schedule an appointment with me using the Book Now button below the form.

Step 1: Fill in this form

Step 2: Schedule the call

Next, please schedule your Online Business Strategy call with me.

Step 3: Add me to your Skype account

Please note that this call will be held on Skype. If you don’t have it already please download for free by clicking here. The software as well as Skype call is free.

After installing Skype you’ll need to add my Skype handle first to make the call at the scheduled time. My Skype handle is shivshanker.shenoy

Fire up Skype app and search for shivshanker.shenoy and add to your friend list.

Here is a video showing how this is done: https://support.skype.com/en/howto/windows-desktop//#VD10

I thought my complete name was unique, till I saw many names when I searched my name in Skype. 🙂 So to avoid confusion, here’s how my profile looks like when you want to add it –

online business search shiv skype

Step 4: Please reach me at the scheduled time (you’ll get reminders, no worries)

That’s it!

I’ll look forward to talking to you.

To your success,