facebook advertising power

If you are into business promoting products and services, or even just want to increase brand recognition of your site, the best and by far the cheapest way to advertise is on Facebook.


Sample these stats,
Monthly active users – over 1 billion
Monthly users on Mobile devices – over 600 million
The ability to laser target your user base – by location, age, interests, social behavior and personal attributes

Above all, Facebook platform gives an easy opportunity to Connect, Engage, and Influence your target customers!

Here is a quick lowdown on how this cycle works for a business –


The basic step is to create a Facebook business page. Once created you need  a way to attract your target users to your page.

You can do this by,

a. Advertising your page for page ‘Likes’, on Facebook

b. If you already have an email list (something like AWeber), send a mail with link to Facebook business page and ask them to Like the page

c. You could also add the link to your Facebook business page in email signature

d. Install Facebook social plugins on your website. You could install Like button, Share button, Comments section, Like box, Recommendation bar and more! This is a great way of adding existing and new website visitors to Facebook.

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Once you get someone interested enough to Like your Facebook business page, you need to engage them. In other words, keep them interested and connected with your brand on a consistent basis.

Again, there are several ways of doing this. The primary, and most effective way is the following –

Step 1

Create a free give-away such as a report, video, ebook – something that has lot of value to your target customer. This is called a Lead magnet.

Step 2

Create a HTML tab on your business page using a service such as woobox.com or pagemodo.com, as a Fan-gate. A Fan-gate page is one where you announce your giveaway with a picture/words and user has to ‘Like’ your Facebook business page in order to get it.

These are very simple to use, just follow the instructions given on the screen. You can set up your Fan-gate page in a matter of minutes.

Step 3

Configure the Fan-gate to take user to your Landing page (also called opt-in page, or squeeze page) on your site when she clicks Like button. On this page user will enter her email id to which you will send the Lead magnet (ebook, report or video).

With this one step you will get a Facebook Like AND an email Lead. This is the best way to get your leads.

Now you can engage with your leads with constant Facebook post updates as well as email blasts.


Note– Know that being consistent is the key here. Whatever the frequency you can manage to post on your facebook business page (once a day, or few times a week) or email blast (once or twice a week, ideally) make sure you stick to this schedule.


This is basic reason for all of the above. The bare truth of any business is that you need people to buy what you have to offer them. Hence, all your efforts need to contribute towards this goal.

The best way to influence your target group is by showing your authority on the subject. This is done by constant updates on Facebook posts with valuable tips, and by publishing valuable articles/posts on your blog and sending notification by email. You could think of other creative ways such as creating reports or small ebooks on a constant basis and distributing free of cost on your email list.

All these will give a sense of authority to your target group of users. These is also called ‘warming up’ the followers. Once you reach this stage you can then offer your products or services to them and get them to buy from you.

Remember that you need to provide lot of free value, and of course, best of what you have to offer for free and demonstrate that you can indeed solve the problems your target users are having.

A good example for Connect, Engage and Influence is PMExamSmartNotes.com.

This blog shares valuable project management knowledge useful for people taking up PMP exam, as well as practicing project managers. This blog also gives away free 11-day exam preparatory email course.

It also has a Facebook business page, on which sample exam question is published every single day. At the end of the month top 3 community members having answered most of the daily questions correctly are announced.

This Facebook page makes use of the Fan-gate method described above to convert interested people into Facebook page followers as well as Leads on the website for 11-day course.

All this is done by providing value to user at every step.


Here’s an infographic giving a glimpse of Facebook’s  advertising power.

Facebook power of advertising

Image courtesy:
Facebook power of advertising: facebook.com

To wrap up

If you haven’t had a Facebook business page yet, now is the time. If you are not advertising on Facebook you could be losing out on a huge profit in your business.

If you are serious about earning big with your business, there is no place better than Facebook! It’s a place where a BILLION people hang out, on a daily basis. Hence, your target and potential customers will be hanging out there too!

When 1 out of 7 people on this planet are using Facebook, it is reasonably fair to say that potential customers of EVERY business on earth are available on Facebook! 🙂

What if you found a way to super target your customers and place your product/service/offer at a cost of few cents per click?! (not View, mind you, a Click). That is like going into a huge fair with thousands of customers and magically getting exactly the people who are interested in your product to come to your stall!

Learn how you can do this and master Facebook from the Queen of the game herself – Amy Porterfield – through her course FBInfluence 2.0!

Grab your copy now before the price goes up!

To your success,


Shiv Shenoy
Shiv Shenoy

After spending 15 yrs in the corporate cubicle, Shiv Shenoy quit it to work with people by leveraging his skills and knowledge. He is passionate about teaching proven passive income generating methods, which draw their effectiveness from Behavioral Economics and Digital Marketing strategies. Shiv is a best-selling author and has self-published over 21 books in Digital Marketing and Project Management domains. When not hunting and perfecting a new passive income method, Shiv is often found playing Flute, or painting.