learn to create your blog under an hour

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211+ hours of work.

1hour 18minutes of video content.

Several blockers encountered.

Proudly shattered.

2 new skills learned.

1 course published.

My first course on Skillshare platform (more to come!).

Learn to Create Your Professional Blog Under an Hour

Last 72 hours have been phenomenal.

Battling Flu and Sore Throat made it easy to not sleep and the best thing that came out of it?

A deeper voice for the course narration! 😀

(Right now I’m researching ways to get a sore throat every time I am creating a course. 🙂 )

The Nov-30 was a deadline I got from Skillshare after I failed to create the course couple of months ago.

I had to hit it this time, no matter what.

The best part?

I had the privilege of getting my dad to hit the PUBLISH button.

He probably doesn’t understand much about how online business works and all, but he realized this is something important to me and was very happy to do the needful.

That, to me, is the icing on the cake.

What’s this course all about?

97% blog die within 6 months of being created.

Top few reasons –


  • Author is no more interested to maintain it
  • The niche is not lucrative
  • Lack of content (actually, there is not such a thing)

A professional blog is created in the mind first, then validated on the ground, before being built on a platform such as WordPress.

This course teaches a fool-proof method that pretty much guarantees blogging success. The primary way it does this is by guiding the student ‘discover’ a niche that suits them!

That’s like discovering a goldmine.

You don’t get into a niche because someone else told you, or some blog post gave out a list of ‘profitable’ niches, or even because you are interested in.

The course pretty much hand-holds the student to come up with a professional looking and optimized blog.

Something I learned by spending tens of thousands of dollars in coaching, and in making mistakes :-).

Who this course is for?

This course is for,

  • Freelancers – to showcase their work and get more projects
  • Professionals – to build their authority and get more customers
  • Small business owners – to build their brand and get leads
  • Authors – to grow their tribe and increase their book sales
  • Students – to build their online profile and may be get their pet project going
  • Employees – to increase visibility in their industry, and build value
  • Anyone – that wants to share their skills, knowledge, or message and help people
  • Anyone – that wants to set up a passive income generating source on the sides

There are 2 ways to access this course

1. Get it on Skillshare

Skillshare is a platform that has over 17,000 courses! You can learn pretty much everything under the Sun there.

Also, for teachers, it is a platform with tens of thousands of students – a great platform to publish their course!

Today, you when you access my course on the platform, you can get 2 months of Premium membership absolutely free!

Click here to access this course on Skillshare.

learn to create your professional blog under an hour

2. Get it on Essential Skills Academy

That’s the online school of this blog.

This would be the fourth course to be published, after the earlier 3 were received favorably (is it a surprise that most of the students are from IT industry?!)

Click here to access this course on ESA.

Create your professional blog under an hour

I invite you to get the course and start your blog, whatever is your reason for it.

I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Reach out to me if you have any questions, or have suggestions.

Thanks for your time, have a great day!

Shiv Shenoy
Shiv Shenoy

After spending 15 yrs in the corporate cubicle, Shiv Shenoy quit it to work with people by leveraging his skills and knowledge.
He is passionate about teaching proven passive income generating methods, which draw their effectiveness from Behavioral Economics and Digital Marketing strategies. Shiv is a best-selling author and has self-published over 21 books in Digital Marketing and Project Management domains.
When not hunting and perfecting a new passive income method, Shiv is often found playing Flute, or painting.

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