Tools to Succeed In Your Passive Income Business

Here are the tools I use every day in my online businesses. I have chosen these after going over many alternatives and testing for maximum return on investment. These tools will help you build, grow and scale your passive income generating online business.

Some of these trusted resources are affiliate links, which means that if you use them to make your purchase I get a small commission. This commission does not increase the product cost for you.

However, I recommend these because I know that they will help you build your business efficiently and effectively. If you feel that you do not need them or do not help you achieve your business goals please do not invest in them.


Bluehost is the most popular, affordable and trusted hosting provider. They are one of the best hosting service providers with award-winning support team.

I have hosted all of my business websites as well as websites, blogs and author-sites of my clients and coaching students on Bluehost. I highly recommend them.

If you invest with Bluehost, please forward your purchase email to me (to shiv[at]mypassiveincomeeducation[dot]com ), and I will set up your blog at my cost. Bluehost charges $199 for this service and I charge $99 for my clients, but I am offering this service free of cost for you.

Click here to know details of blogging set up.


OptimizePress2 is one of the most versatile, marketing friendly and non-technical WordPress themes available today.

I use this responsive (looks good on any device or computer) theme for 3 of my business sites - including this one - and have saved tons of money. Why?

Because OP2 (as this theme is fondly known as) contains all the marketing pages such as stunning & professional landing pages, ebook announcement pages, product launch funnels, blogging feature, membership pages - pretty much everything a modern online business needs. Buying other plugins for these separately not only costs more money, but also may break the theme code.

Did I mention that there is ZERO technical knowledge required to set up any of these? This short video explains all the features rather nicely.


If you've heard that 'Money is in the list', chances are you've also heard that AWeber is one of the easiest and trusted partner when it comes to email marketing services.

I have one account managing all of my online businesses, and their customer service is by far one of the friendliest I have seen in business.

You cannot go wrong with AWeber. In fact you can test their entire service free of cost for entire one month.

PixelStudioFx 2.0

PixelStudioFx 2.0 is my go-to software for ALL the imaging needs.

Over the years I have spent several hundreds of dollars to get my ebook cover designs, blog post images, website header images, logos, social media covers and post images, ad banners, fb ad images, kindle cover designs - pretty much every image related needs.

When my coach suggested me PixelStudioFx, all the problems ended in a moment. The tool is so simple that with just few drag-and-drops anyone could create stunning images, covers, and any kind of image needs in minutes. For the price of one cover design now this software takes care of imaging needs for ever.

Check out this demo video showing how ecovers are designed in minutes.